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A Lady doesn’t need anything. A Lady never has to prove anything. She just knows what she knows


  • 6x60 minute calls with Erika Mangiapane & Fatma Albrecht
  • Special Guests: Simone Milasas, Sylvia Puentes, Diva Diaz & Grace Douglas
  • Being empowered to know how to engage and be with others
  • Knowing that there is no need to fight
  • Learning to say what is true for you
  • Audio Recordings

Dates: 6-7-8-14-16 July 
Time: 8pm CEST Each Day
(Your local time)
Date: 13 July
Time: 10.30pm CEST
(Your local time)

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65% Country Pricing
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Call Details

60 minutes


Access Clearing Statement 



What is it that you desire as your life?
What is it that you have always
looked for and never found?
What if that was YOU?
Erika Mangiapane & Fatma Albrecht
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

All Of Life Comes To Me with Ease, Joy & Glory

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