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Fracking the Insanity of this Reality

Have you noticed that there seem to be a LOT of insane points of view in the world at the moment?

Have you noticed that it feels heavy when you’re presented with those points of view?

Are you  wondering what you can choose to experience something different in these *crazy* times?

Welcome to Fracking! Fracking is the process whereby oil is extracted from the ground, and it allows the oil to come up and expose itself.

And in a similar way, when we energetically ‘frack’ the insanity of this reality, we’re talking about bringing up the insane points of view that we have so that we can be aware of them and let go of them.

Basically we’re allowing the insanity that this reality is at the moment to be exposed so that we can choose not to be affected by it.

Now more than ever, now that wearing masks has become the norm, now that people don’t seem to question what’s going on in the world, and insanity seems to be the main energy on Planet Earth...

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