Women - The things we don't dare to talk about

What if we, as women, could create something totally different together?

A place to explore all the things we usually don’t dare to talk about; and the possibility of changing all the fixed points of view and conclusions that we function from that don’t allow us to have communion with ourselves, or with others.

Have you ever considered the possibility of having a different reality where you as a woman no longer have to live with pain, or hide parts of yourself that you don’t dare to talk about because they’re too different?

What if you could gain the awareness, the tools and the possibilities of a different reality with relationships, with sex and with everything in your life?!

‘Women: the things you don’t dare to talk about…’ is a space to go beyond anything that limits you in your definition of a woman, and to discover what it means to be truly vulnerable and receive the parts of you you’ve always tried to hide.


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