Relationship and Marriage: Your life project. Or not?

Tonight I went out with some ‘friends’... Friends who think that they’ve got it all right. One of them is married with one child and the other one has just let us know that she has a baby on the way.

What was interesting is that I have not felt so wrong and so judged in a long time. One of them asked me: ‘So Erika, what is your project of life? I am a bit worried that in a couple of years you will regret the choices that you are making today.’

I asked what she meant with project of life, and she responded by saying that she meant having a partner to share my life with.

Upon hearing that, I first went into reaction, into trying to explain, into proving that what I am choosing is also valuable. But when she went on to explain what project of life actually means, I finally relaxed and received.

I received how different I am, I received that asking for and choosing something that is undefinable and uncontrollable by this society is dangerous and a judgeable offence to the norm.

I realised that what we get taught is that we have no value and we are nothing if we don’t have someone to share our life with. And that having that someone comes with only one option: RELATIONSHIP AND MARRIAGE.

So now I am really asking to change this. I am demanding that this insane reality changes on this planet! Because there is and there must be a reality where communion is the most valuable product and where difference is a value and no longer a diminishment.


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