Creating the Future as a Woman

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2020

What if the things that we hide the most, the things we think we would be most judged for and that would kill us if we exposed them are really the things that are our strongest points, our biggest and greatest capacities?

Let me give you an example. When I first started Access Consciousness, I developed at the same time a sexual disease that didn’t allow me to have sex at all, and was really painful, not only during copulation but also in general in my daily life.

Once I started to search for it l found out that it is a disease that has a name in this reality - Vulvodynia - and l also discovered that so many women have it without knowing about it, and I realised that I have actually had it since forever, since the first time I’d ever had sex in my life.

That is one of the things that women are so ashamed to talk about - their sexual lives, their bodies, their periods and many times they don’t want to say that they actually don’t want to have sex, or even more, they are ashamed of saying that they actually love sex, and sex is something that’s nurturing for them and they’re looking for it and they would love more of it!

Sex has a lot to do with receiving, which has been misidentified in this reality, it is actually about adding more joy and more pleasure to our lives! Being that orgasmic energy and that aliveness with our bodies that we can be everywhere and we can invite people to. 

There are so many areas in which we hide.

We hide our capacity to create the future and be aware of the future, and we hide it behind thinking that we have to create a normal family with 2.4 kids, since we’ve been trained to think that that’s the way and that’s the role we have to take to create the future.

What if that was the smallest thing that a woman is capable of?

Yes, having a family is a big creation, but what if our capacities were much bigger and much less definable and defined than that?

What if what we are here to do is be the ones that are willing to contribute and create a greater possibility for EVERYONE even if no-one ever acknowledges us!


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