The Movement of Life

body embodiment joy movement Jul 19, 2019

‘I like to move it, move it’ like King Julien says in the cartoon Madagascar.

You know when you were a kid, and you could not stand still for more than two seconds? When everybody was telling you, thinking at you, projecting at you: ‘Please stop moving!!!’ …. and that’s what the majority of us has bought into and done.

We chose to stop that joyful, irrepressible desire to move our body constantly. Why? Because we were being too much for others, for the adults mainly. Because that exuberant expression of living that being embodied is, in uncontrollable by others!

Have you ever noticed that when you are fully present in your body, when you allow it to move as it desires and requires, you are unstoppable? In that moment, when you are fully embodied, nothing or no one can stop you! You become an embodied being, and your superpowers exponentialize…. in that very moment you have just ended the separation between your body and your being!

What would it be like to have the joy of having a body again? To have the pleasure of moving your body?

I am also a Gyrotonic® Certified Trainer, and one of the things that my clients tell me repeatedly when I train them, is that their body is hurting, and that movement is painful. So I ask them: ‘Is it pain? Or is it just your body getting intense and alive, simply because it is moving?’
You see, somewhere we have mis-identified the intensity of embodiment and movement, with pain. So next time you dance, you run to catch the bus, you train with pilates, you play tennis, or you have sex, be present with your body, and ask it: ‘Body, would you show me how it looks like for you to enjoy moving? Would you guide me in this experience? I know, I am a control freak, I wanna know exactly what’s going on, I wanna make sure that we do not get hurt, but please show me the pleasure of having a body! And I will follow you!’

This is what I ask my body every day, and the demand I have made of me: I won’t stop my body from the joy it can be and have, ever again, no matter what it takes! And so far, it brought me on some amazing adventures!

Will you demand the same? Will you have the intensity that you, as an embodied being, truly are?


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