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Fracking the Insanity of this Reality

Have you noticed that there seem to be a LOT of insane points of view in the world at the moment?

Have you noticed that it feels heavy when you’re presented with those points of view?

Are you  wondering what you can choose to experience something different in these *crazy* times?

Welcome to Fracking! Fracking is the process whereby oil is extracted from the ground, and it allows the oil to come up and expose itself.

And in a similar way, when we energetically ‘frack’ the insanity of this reality, we’re talking about bringing up the insane points of view that we have so that we can be aware of them and let go of them.

Basically we’re allowing the insanity that this reality is at the moment to be exposed so that we can choose not to be affected by it.

Now more than ever, now that wearing masks has become the norm, now that people don’t seem to question what’s going on in the world, and insanity seems to be the main energy on Planet Earth...

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Отношения и брак: ваш жизненный проект. Или не?

Вечером я провела время с «друзьями» … друзьями, кто думает, что у них все вышло правильно. Одна из них замужем и с ребенком, другая только что нам сообщила, что готовится стать мамой.

Интересно, что я не чувствовала себя неправильной или осуждаемой уже давно. Одна из них спросила меня: «Ну, Эрика, и каков твой проект жизни? Я немного волнуюсь, что через пару лет ты пожалеешь о выборах, какие совершаешь сегодня».

Я спросила, что она имела в виду под проектом жизни. И она ответила, что это означает быть с партнером, чтобы разделить с ним жизнь.

Услышав это, я сначала ушла в реакцию, попытки объяснить и доказательство, что то, что я выбираю, тоже ценно. Но когда она начала объяснять, что же проект жизни означает, я наконец расслабилась и получила.

Я получила, насколько я отличаюсь. Я получила, что запрашивать и выбирать что-то другое, что сложно определить и контролировать обществом, - это опасно и является угрозой норме.

Я обнаружила, что нас научили,...

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Relationship and Marriage: Your life project. Or not?

Tonight I went out with some ‘friends’... Friends who think that they’ve got it all right. One of them is married with one child and the other one has just let us know that she has a baby on the way.

What was interesting is that I have not felt so wrong and so judged in a long time. One of them asked me: ‘So Erika, what is your project of life? I am a bit worried that in a couple of years you will regret the choices that you are making today.’

I asked what she meant with project of life, and she responded by saying that she meant having a partner to share my life with.

Upon hearing that, I first went into reaction, into trying to explain, into proving that what I am choosing is also valuable. But when she went on to explain what project of life actually means, I finally relaxed and received.

I received how different I am, I received that asking for and choosing something that is undefinable and uncontrollable by this society is dangerous and a judgeable...

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Creating the Future as a Woman

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2020

What if the things that we hide the most, the things we think we would be most judged for and that would kill us if we exposed them are really the things that are our strongest points, our biggest and greatest capacities?

Let me give you an example. When I first started Access Consciousness, I developed at the same time a sexual disease that didn’t allow me to have sex at all, and was really painful, not only during copulation but also in general in my daily life.

Once I started to search for it l found out that it is a disease that has a name in this reality - Vulvodynia - and l also discovered that so many women have it without knowing about it, and I realised that I have actually had it since forever, since the first time I’d ever had sex in my life.

That is one of the things that women are so ashamed to talk about - their sexual lives, their bodies, their periods and many times they don’t want to say that they actually don’t want to have sex, or even...

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Women - The things we don't dare to talk about

What if we, as women, could create something totally different together?

A place to explore all the things we usually don’t dare to talk about; and the possibility of changing all the fixed points of view and conclusions that we function from that don’t allow us to have communion with ourselves, or with others.

Have you ever considered the possibility of having a different reality where you as a woman no longer have to live with pain, or hide parts of yourself that you don’t dare to talk about because they’re too different?

What if you could gain the awareness, the tools and the possibilities of a different reality with relationships, with sex and with everything in your life?!

‘Women: the things you don’t dare to talk about…’ is a space to go beyond anything that limits you in your definition of a woman, and to discover what it means to be truly vulnerable and receive the parts of you you’ve always tried to hide.

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The Movement of Life

body embodiment joy movement Jul 19, 2019

‘I like to move it, move it’ like King Julien says in the cartoon Madagascar.

You know when you were a kid, and you could not stand still for more than two seconds? When everybody was telling you, thinking at you, projecting at you: ‘Please stop moving!!!’ …. and that’s what the majority of us has bought into and done.

We chose to stop that joyful, irrepressible desire to move our body constantly. Why? Because we were being too much for others, for the adults mainly. Because that exuberant expression of living that being embodied is, in uncontrollable by others!

Have you ever noticed that when you are fully present in your body, when you allow it to move as it desires and requires, you are unstoppable? In that moment, when you are fully embodied, nothing or no one can stop you! You become an embodied being, and your superpowers exponentialize…. in that very moment you have just ended the separation between your body and your being!


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