About Me

Dr Erika Mangiapane...

Erika Mangiapane is a dynamic facilitator of consciousness and a pragmatic entrepreneur, who combines her experience in physical training with her personal coaching practice to offer clients all the world something different in their lives and bodies!

Erika’s fascination with the body started in University, where she completed a PHD in Biochemistry. That same fascination has expanded throughout her life into what is now a thriving business where she works as a Certified Gyrotonic trainer to help her clients discover the gift of becoming more present with their bodies.

Erika is also a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness; a body of work that aims to empower people with simple tools and techniques they can use to create more ease and lightness in their lives.

Being diagnosed with a painful sexual disease several years ago, Erika has had to use these very tools and techniques to heal and repair her own body, whilst at the same time helping others do the same.

Erika offers one-on-one coaching sessions as well as live and online classes on a number of topics, with a special interest in working with women to help them uncover the brilliance they are when they stop controlling and simply show up as them.

What if you had the capacity to change everything? And you could ALWAYS choose something different?

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