Erika Mangiapane

Do you know you have a body? And do you know it is magical? 

I am inviting you to the beautiful gift you bring around every day, to more connection to it, more pleasure and more fun!

Erika has always known that her life’s work would be something that changed the world!

From the day she graduated with her PhD in Biochemistry, Erika has been fascinated with the brilliance of our bodies, and has spent the last 10 years working with clients in her Gyrotonic practice to bring more ease and lightness to bodies that are tired, stressed, and in pain.

Erika is also a Certified Facilitator in Access Consciousness - a body of work that seeks to empower with pragmatic tools and techniques that can be used to transform anything in your life.

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What do you require?
What are you ready to change, let go of and choose?

If you are looking for a deep dive, a quick kick or a cuddly change, book a session!

I would like to contribute to your explosion into possibilities!

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"What if YOU had the capacity to change everything and you could always choose something different?"

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